Dafeng's cultural system includes five elements: mission, vision, values, development philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit. Among them, the mission answers the question of "Why do we exist", which embodies Dafeng's great responsibility as a private enterprise and is the internal driving force of the company's sustainable development; the vision answers the question of "Where are we going", depicting the entire Dafeng The ideal blueprint for human struggle; values answer the question of "what should we do", which are the core of the company’s culture, and the standards and beliefs that all Dafeng people must believe in and adhere to; the development philosophy answers "what do we follow? "Law" is the general principle that guides the company's business management activities, and is the business philosophy that must be followed in order to fulfill the mission and realize the vision; the corporate spirit answers the question of "what inner attitude and behavior style should we have?" The team temperament and spirit that Dafeng people should possess.
Corporate mission
Leading the progress of the leather industry and creating a better life
Corporate vision
Build Dafeng into a company with core competitiveness and a sense of social responsibility
Corporate values
Honest and trustworthy, people-oriented, innovative
development, always climbing the peak
Development concept
Be bigger and stronger, achieve sustainable
Enterprise spirit
Keep your feet on the ground,
keep improving