Zhejiang Dafeng Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd. was established in December 2004. It is located at No. 1, Pingfeng 2nd Road, Lishui Economic Development Zone. It is close to Provincial Highway 53 and is away from Jinliwen Expressway (5km from Lishui West Exit). The transportation is very convenient. . The company covers a total area of ??35,000 square meters, has 7 internationally advanced fully automatic dry and wet production lines, and has a complete set of domestic leading synthetic leather post-processing equipment. There are more than 200 employees and more than 40 various technical personnel. People, with an annual production capacity of more than 25 million meters. The company specializes in the production of various specifications of high-end PU synthetic leather products, suitable for shoes, bags, clothing, etc. The company has a strict product quality management system and a complete sales and service network, can lead the market trend, and has strong product development capabilities. In the past few years, the company has actively responded to the call of the party and the government. While focusing on economic benefits, it also pays more attention to social benefits. It has invested heavily in energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, and safe production. A series of projects were processed, and a complete set of safety production protection system was established, thus ensuring the steady and healthy development of the company's production and operation. Since its establishment, the company has been vigorously supported by the leaders of the municipal party committee and government and the management committee of the development zone. At the same time, it has achieved gratifying results through the hard work of the majority of cadres and employees. In 2006, the company was awarded the "Star Enterprise" in 2007. The company was awarded as "Growing Enterprise" in 2008. The company was awarded as "Large Taxpayer", "AAA Tax Credit Unit", "Large Taxpayer", and "Large Taxpayer", "Tax Credit AAA Unit", and "Zhejiang Province" again in 2009. Business Enterprise Letter "Support the Advanced Unit of Zhejiang Province's First Sports Conference" In 2011, the company once again became a "Star Enterprise" and other honors.
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